Oct - 2017

What Big Eyes You Have

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Are you struggling to figure out what to be for Halloween? Well look no further. Feast your eyes on these unique steampunk goggles. A Sehome High School mentor, Jeffrey Kerr, from Bellingham, Washington, made these unique googles as a remix from a model that was created by 3D designer, Emmett Lalish. Kerr was fascinated by Lalish’s preassembled iris box by its unusual way it opens up. He wanted to improve the design himself and got advice from Lalish during the process of printing the model. Kerr reduced the size of the box so that it would print easier and quicker. It took him about 5 iterations before getting the right dimensions and resulted in iris boxes that ended up “looking a lot like eyeballs”.

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Since Halloween was coming up at the time, Kerr came up with the idea to turn the iris box into a pair of “steampunk-esque goggles”. They’re easy to print and can be adjusted to fit your face if printed with flexible material. The blinking effect can be done with or without the clear fishing line. However, the fishing line creates the illusion that the goggles are blinking on their own.

blinking iris goggles2
Jeffrey Kerr’s goggles

All you have to do is “snap a spring to hold the eyeballs open and attach a clear fishing line through the slots on the side of the goggles. Once that is done, you can make the goggles blink by pulling on the string,” Kerr explained. See Kerr’s video below as he demonstrates how these goggles look and work.


These incredibly strange looking goggles are a fun project for you to make and are a sure way of confusing people when you walk by them. If you’re looking for a costume to wear for a Halloween party or to go trick or treating just print these goggles. Get a pair of blue overalls, place a beanie on your head, slip on a pair of working gloves, and put these goggles over your eyes and you’ll look like a human minion from the animated movie called “Despicable Me”. As an American comedian, Judy Gold once said, “Halloween is an opportunity to be really creative.” Have fun this Halloween. Be safe, get creative, and get printing!!! Check out Jeffrey Kerr’s designs here.

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