Jan - 2017

Valentine’s Day Tealight for Her

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Profile Picture It’s almost Valentine’s Day which means that you’re thinking about the perfect gift to give your loved one. Why not 3D print a beautiful flower lamp that’ll shine a light and keep you in their thoughts every day? Andrew Reynolds, a freelance 3D modeler and an undergraduate at Marywood University, designed a beautiful Radiant Blossom lamp for his girlfriend. “This piece is my favorite because aesthetically it is appealing to me,” Reynolds said. As a way to remember him and to show his affections for her, Reynolds explained that he “chose to create the flower to be a desktop lamp with a battery powered tea light inside. So that she can have a nice little lamp to light up her workspace while she is studying for her classes.” When 3D printing the dimensions, all of the parts came out “perfectly on the first try,” Reynolds exclaimed. After his masterpiece had been completed, he gave the blossom lamp to his girlfriend at the end of the summer before school started. Even though they are miles apart attending different universities, each time she turns her little lamp that Reynolds made for her will remind her of him. As simple as this gift is, it’s a sweet and kind gesture to a loved one. Make one for your darling love today and give it as a gift for Valentine’s Day!


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Click here to view Andrew Reynolds’ designs. 

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