Dec - 2016

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly


ben-profile-pic Inspiration can be captured at any moment in time. For Ben Dansie, a digital art designer, all it took was a facial expression of pure happiness from a young girl to inspire him to create a sculpture of a “Joyful Yell”. “It was a long weekend and I really wanted to get some character sculpting in. While searching through various reference images for inspiration, I came across a photo of a girl being so happy that summer was coming that she yelled with delight,” Dansie said. His sculpture captures the essence of what joy looks like. When you look at the sculpture, you can just imagine a girl that is so excited that she can’t contain her joy. She is so happy that she leaps in the air and screams at the top of her voice. Her hair waves in the air as she leaps and her arms fling in exaltation. You smile because this reminds you of a time when you couldn’t contain your happiness.


2_preview_featured       3d40_joyfulyell_01

Since Christmas is just around the corner, the sculpture can be interpreted as a joyful yell of a child running to the Christmas tree on Christmas morning to open the gifts. There’s nothing like seeing a happy child’s face when receiving a gift. Even though his favorite memory is about his niece being “half excited and half tired running around with glee on her first Christmas Eve,” the thing that he loves the most about Christmas is “spending time and sharing a meal or two with family while simply being thankful for everything,” Dansie said. Christmas isn’t about getting but giving gifts to others. A gift doesn’t necessarily have to be something tangible. It could be a kind gesture to another. As we celebrate Christmas and enter into a new year, bring the joy of Christmas wherever you may go this holiday season. Click here to view Ben Dansie’s “Joyful Yell” and here for his other designs. 

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