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Those that have a visual impairment see the world not with their eyes but with their hands and ears. Daniel Sanchez an industrial designer was asked by a visually impaired friend to produce “3D print models so that she and others could ‘see’ the world”. When traveling, the blind can’t experience the beauty of an architectural structure. The only thing that they can do is feel the walls that surround them.

This inspired Sanchez to create a company called MiniWorld, that helps the visually impaired to feel 3D printed miniature versions of landmarks from around the world.

He wanted to have them understand what he sees by just a touch and feel of his 3D printed models. As a result, Sanchez has made it his goal to “create the biggest and best collection of 3D printed landmarks from around the world”.

The first 3D model that he designed was the Wat Pho Temple, located in Thailand. After visiting this place and being in awe of its beautiful architecture, he designed a miniature version of the temple so that his friend could see it with her hands. Wanting to get every part of the model right, Sanchez “studied and sketched the geometric shapes, the location of each building in relation to each other, and the details of the architecture”.

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Visiting the temple “was my first experience seeing a Thai religious architecture and it blew my mind. I love the roofs and the golden details that resemble flames and snakes. It’s absolutely beautiful and inspiring,” Sanchez explained.

Sanchez puts as much detail into every 3D printed model may be tedious, but knowing that his designs are helping others to see landmarks from around the world makes it worth it.

Click here to view more of Daniel Sanchez’s designs.

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