Oct - 2018

The Wheels Keep on Turning

mini control

As Albert Einstein once said “Creativity is contagious, pass it on” That is exactly same ambition that the designer who goes by the name of Pixel 2 shows as he shares his ideas, designs and accomplishments.

“I want to be able to construct anything I dream up.” Says the designer from New York. He started his early designs using a welder, moved to sewing and thanks to technology now creates his masterpieces using 3D printers.

His early 3D designs consisted of sandstone colored custom Pez heads. Also worked designing 3D printed sterling silver rings. And now with the low price of printers and filaments, it has allowed him to play, mass produce and explore more freely and at a cheaper cost.

Pixel 2 encourages for all schools to have 3D printers. He emphasizes that 3D printers are a powerful tool. He adds that if students have the freedom to create they maximize their potential enabling them to create a wonderful idea.

His most recent design was a Mini Xbox one Controller. It is a small steering wheel that you mount on top of your gaming control and can be used to steer while playing driving games. It only took Pixel 2 one day to create a usable prototype. A few weeks later after tweaks and play testing he came out with a perfect product for gamer’s. “The mini wheel is for the casual gamer, sitting on the couch. Hardcore drivers will have a wheel with pedals and a racing seat. Its two different worlds.” Says Pixel 2.

It’s amazing how Pixel 2’s, 3D printed mini controller has taken a turn for the best. His different controller variants have already been downloaded 24K times. He was asked to design the mini wheel for other system controllers such as PS4, and others. “It’s cool to think so many people around the world are having fun with the design.” Pixel 2 says. The popularity of his design took him by surprise.

Pixel 2 continues to share his 3D printed products. He encourages schools and others to get into the action of creation through 3D printers. He end by saying “Get exposure to a variety of things to find your interest. If you never try, you’ll never know.” Get into the action of creation you never know, your hobby too can lead into a sensation!


Creality cooling + dial Indicator mount   


SORRY! D12 [with inlay numbers]

You can find more about his 3D mini wheel design and other designs on https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3049220 / driving demo of the mini wheel on you tube at https://youtu.be/Zgiul4cFMUw
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