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The Power of a Simple Gift

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John Richardson

The beauty of generosity and seeking nothing in return is a selfless act that brings people together. John Richardson, owner of the NKY Tech Center in Independence, Kentucky, may be a busy man but he makes every minute count helping others. As a 3D printing hobbyist, most of what he makes, if not all, is donated to charities, fundraisers, gifts to family, friends, and given to children at a local middle school. He volunteers every week at “local non-profits and helps disabled clients. I visit my old elementary school as a ‘lunch buddy’ and take 3D trinkets every now and then to the kids,” Richardson said. His parents taught him to be charitable, which has made him who he is today. Richardson dedicates his time helping others and gives gifts year around. The only thing that Richardson wants in return is the joy in watching the smiles on children’s faces when they receive his 3D models. “Life is way too short. Be happy and make people laugh as often as you can. That’s what I do.  It has served me well and helped garner a good amount of respect in my community. This means a lot to me,” Richardson expressed.   prosthetic arm Out of the thousands of models that he has donated, his favorite and most rewarding projects was 3D printing a prosthetic arm for a friend’s 8 year old granddaughter in 2015. After watching a story about a 3D printed arm on the Katie Couric show, Richardson’s friend called him up to ask if he could make an arm for her granddaughter. He happily agreed to help and was given advice from another printing company of how to build the arm. The design of the model was from the Rochester Institute of Technology and the parts (screws, a PVC pipe, and glue) were donated from a local hardware store. It was a group effort in creating a prosthetic arm and made a little girl’s dream come true.


Richardson may not see himself as an “artistic” person, but he is a generous and humble man that devotes his time helping others. He believes that one of the most important things in life is to “be happy and make people laugh. It has served me well and helped garner a good amount of respect in my community. That means a lot to me.” Giving his time to “those who need it makes me feel good,” Richardson said. It’s not about expecting anything in return but about being able to spread joy and happiness to everyone around him. Richardson always tells people, “I won’t die a rich man, but I will die a happy one. Life is way too short to walk around with a chip on your shoulder or holding grudges.” There is a lesson to be learned that money cannot buy you happiness and that it is better to give than it is to receive. Make the world a better place by spreading happiness with the people you’re around by spending time with them. See John Richardson’s models here.

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