Nov - 2016

A Passion for Creation


View More: http://jessicapurgasonphotography.pass.us/amandajason2 The sky is the limit when it comes to Jason Reynolds, owner of a 3D printing service called Jinxbot.com. Instead of using his 3D printer for himself, he enjoys printing for others and “seeing that look in their eyes when they are describing their idea. There is the magic that I so desperately long to draw out in everyone I meet,” Reynolds explained. Although he has designed and created many 3D models, the Rubik’s cube companion is one of his favorite creations. “This design was really important to me, so I made sure that everything was perfect before I tried printing it,” Reynolds said. “I wanted to make sure it would fit over the cube and not interfere with its movement.” In the process of 3D printing the cube, he had to balance the design with the function of the cube. There are “near endless possibilities” when solving a Rubik’s cube. Making “the companion cube seemed like a perfect fit,” Reynolds expressed. When it comes to 3D printing, “I see infinite possibilities. I see potential. I see a tool that can help mankind realize that creation really is only limited by our imaginations,” Reynolds said. At Spyder 3D World, we value Reynolds’ passion to invent and create. Most of all we love that he shares his passion for 3D printing with others. If we base our ideas upon our imagination like Reynolds, we could make our world a better place.


View Jason Reynolds designs here. Share Your Passion with Spyder 3D World: Looking for new ways to innovate, create and share your ideas? Share your passion with Spyder3D World. Our website is open to creators who design 3D models and want to share them within a community. Become a member and join our Spyder community today. Explore, dream, create, and share with us your designs. The best of 3D printing is here. Follow us on TwitterInstagramPinterest, and like us on Facebook. Together we can make it happen!

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