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The Great Race

cartoon of talisman

profile picWith every challenge there is a new adventure to explore. For John-William Forcier, a computer programmer, technology in 3D printing is his adventure. The technology behind 3D printing is not only fascinating, but also “easy for everyone to create any object,” Forcier said. It’s “simply fantastic and genius.” After winning money on a game show in Quebec, Canada called Atomes Crochus, Forcier bought himself a 3D printer. Ever since then, he’s been “3D printing almost every week.” Forcier’s first project was the 3D Talisman Detector, which was inspired by his favorite childhood animated TV series called the Jackie Chan Adventures. This comedy action series was about an archeologist, Jackie Chan, who discovered a talisman detector, a magical device that has the ability to locate Chinese zodiac artifacts that have special powers. Although this model was challenging, it helped him to “understand each element of the printer, what it does, and how it works,” Forcier said. After completing the Talisman Detector, he went on to design the 12 Chinese zodiac artifacts and many more. As he continues to design and come up with different 3D models, Forcier, is a force to be reckoned with.




cartoon of talisman  WP_20150223_011_preview_featured    talisman detector        


Click here to view John-William Forcier’s designs.

The Story of the Mysterious 12 Stones: Although the Jackie Chan Adventures talked about the 12 Chinese zodiac artifacts, those artifacts are based off of a Chinese legend of a great race among 12 animals. The story has it that the Jade Emperor came up with a way to measure time. He hosted a race and established that the first 12 animals that crossed the river would have a year and a zodiac named after them. The animals that won were the following: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. Each of the animals have characteristics that played a part in their ranking. The following video reveals more information about the story:

Based upon the legend, the year you were born determines the zodiac animal you are and the kind of characteristics you have. If you’d like to know what your zodiac animal is click here. To find out more about the signs watch this TED Talks video:

Happy Chinese New Year, the year of the rooster!

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