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The Dynamic Duo

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profile pic of Juan and Jose An impossible idea may seem unachievable at times, but when you work at it and refine it you may find it to become possible. Juan Pedro and Jose Julio are an innovative duo. They challenge themselves in the world of science and technology. Their goal is to teach people about “the robotic world,” Juan said. Their company called JJROBOTS  aims to make their robotic projects accessible to people by providing building instructions in making their models and teaching beginners how to code. “We have learned a lot from the internet (thanks to everyone sharing their knowledge) and wanted to offer something in exchange by making all our robots open to everyone,” Juan explained. One of their favorite projects that they’ve worked on was the Air Hockey Robot EVO. It teaches a beginner the basics of “robotics, visual recognition, and behavioral robotics,” Juan said. air hockey pic1 It is “easy to set- up and deploy, as well as be controlled by a smartphone using our app.” The robot was designed after the “standard part of a typical 3D printer, such as the NEMA 17 stepper motors, the JJROBOTS Brain Shield, belts, bearings and rods. The main advantage of using these parts is that they are inexpensive and easily available. We used a medium-sized air hockey table with dimensions of 90 x 43 cm and a two-motor X-Y movement design (H-bot). With both motors working at the same time it makes the movement of the robot smooth as it goes up/down and left/right,” Juan said.

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How it works: After downloading their app, you are able to control the robot manually or have the smartphone control it. The smartphone’s camera (2) captures the playing court and uses that data to process it in real time. It is capable to “detect the position of the puck so that the ‘Pusher Robot’ (according to the current location of all the elements on the court) can make decisions. From there it commands the Robot (3) via Wi-Fi (1). Your smartphone will become an augmented reality device, showing predicted trajectories and position of all the objects involved in this game. The Robot is locally controlled by the JJROBOTS Brain Shield (1) which dictates the speed and acceleration of the robot, sending the appropriate pulses to the stepper motors,” Juan explained. See the video below to see it in action:

Even though a project may be challenging, all that matters to them is that they’re having fun. They love to share their knowledge of creating robots to others via the internet. The dynamic duo enjoys creating their robotic creations and loves to share it with the world. From the words of a well-known British journalist, Sir David Frost said, “… do what you love and believe in it and it will come naturally.” To learn more about JJROBOTS and their Air Hockey Robot, tune into the Discovery Science Channel on Wednesday, July 27. Save the date and join the fun!

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