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The Christmas Card


img_2101 Christmas is the most wonderful time of year to share memorable moments with loved ones. It is a time to reminisce about the past and a time to make new memories in the present. One way that family and friends share their memorable moments is by sending Christmas cards and letters. However, Johnnie Semerad, owner of the art and technology company called QuietMan, takes Christmas cards to another level. Instead of sending a typical picture of his family with a warm holiday greeting, he sends 3D printed Christmas cards of his family. Every year around Thanksgiving time, Semerad begins designing his Christmas card. The reason why he starts early is because he 3D scans his two daughters including the family dog, gets the design approved by them, and then begins 3D printing his card. “After we got our 3D scanner it seemed like a natural progression to try something new. When we first started, scanning it was quite a chore. Alex and Zach, two of QuietMan’s longest tenured 3D artists, would have to help me with the Kinect. Now it takes less than a minute using a structure sensor on the iPad,” Semerad said. Everyone anticipates getting a card to the extent that “people would call us looking for their card!” Semerad expressed. He always thought that people would throw his cards away just like him. Before 3D printing his cards, he used to send paintings of his daughters instead of having pictures taken. “Over the years we accumulated numerous paintings of Emma and Dara.” However, what he didn’t know was that “people had started collecting the Christmas cards we sent them,” Semerad said.  Ever since then, he’s been figuring out clever and unique ways of sending a special Christmas card for his family and friends to enjoy each year. As a holiday DIY idea, perhaps you can send a special Christmas card with a holiday greeting to your family and friends next year. Get in the spirit of Christmas and share memorable moments with your loved ones.

From all of us at Spyder 3D World we wish you a very merry Christmas!

AMP Awards commercial using 3D printing
Johnnie Semerad’s Christmas Card

            Click here to view Johnnie Semerad’s Christmas card and here to view his other designs. How 3D printing is being used in the world of advertising: 1. Purina Beneful dog food uses the domino effect 2. Walking Johnnie 3. The Association of Music Producers for excellence in music and sound in advertising 

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