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Tech-Savvy Teen Takes on 3D Printing World

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Wonder what talented, tech-savvy teens are doing these days? Ask Jane Yarnell.

Jane Yarnell
Jane Yarnell
In a short period of time, this 13-year-old’s electric skill for 3D printing has skyrocketed her, and her Maker Club, to new heights. So far she has flown past the fundamentals into serious, advanced exploration of the use of 3D printing – let’s just say the 3D community has noticed. As her Berkeley, Calif. middle school class representative, she has gone to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and to the first ever White House Maker Faire. Jane hails from the Black Pine Middle School Maker Club, formed by seventh and eighth grade science teacher Christine Mytko. This club not only gives students science and technology opportunities, focusing primarily in 3D printing, but also fuels their youthful imaginations by giving club members a variety of tech tools with which to create new projects.
Jane (third from the left) and fellow BPC Maker Club members
Jane (third from the left) and fellow BPC Maker Club members
Jane has become a forward-driven leader in the club and the club’s 3D printing accomplishments. She credits her path to success to failures and takes pride in the process that allows her to problem solve, sometimes as a club, until perfection is achieved. She feels freedom in her failures. It’s part of what attracted Jane to 3D printing in the first place, the ability to experiment endlessly until she got it right.
Fun fact: Jane’s personal interest 3D printing revolves around her perspective on the future and its need to preserve the past. Her idea: archiving ancient books. Current project: she is designing long-term bookmarks used in marking key pages of books without damaging their delicate spines. Jane’s current interest in the world-wide 3D printing effort: high definition, 3D scanning and printing museum quality replicas of preserved ancient monuments.
Combining Jane’s knowledge of technology with her outstanding sensibility and ethics makes Jane Yarnell a Spyder 3D World candidate of greatness to come. Read more about Jane, her designs and the Black Pine Middle School Maker Club HERE.
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