This edition of Spyder Bytes features 3Dponics, an open-source initiative for the development of 3D models that are used to build efficient and affordable urban gardens. 3Dponics supports the maker movement by making the source files for each of their systems available to anyone with the desire to collaborate and drive innovation. Click on the “Exclusive 3Dponics Design Mods” article to downloads files improved by the Spyder 3D World engineers.

Exclusive 3Dponics Gardening System Mods


Meet 3Dponics


Jane Yarnell


This edition of Spyder Bytes features a brilliant 13 years old named Jane Yarnell. Jane is one of the outstanding students at Black Pine Middle School in Berkeley, California. When technology classes were removed from the 7th-grade schedule at Black Pine Middle School, teacher Christine Mytko took the opportunity to create a new program that wasn’t limited by curriculum boundaries and could inspire the imaginations of her students.

Bridging Techniques


Spyder 3D World is all about sharing and Spyder Bytes is your solution destination for new tips, tricks and techniques to improve your 3D printing experience. We are excited to spotlight Mark Leonard and his “learned-the-hard” way techniques to perfect bridging. With these tips you can bridge across the entire printing bed.

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