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Shark Bites


profile picFrom being a cook to an industrial drafter, Hiroko Price goes beyond her imagination when it comes to 3D printing. Her interest in sharks and love for shoes is what led her to combine and create shoes that are based off of a shark’s teeth. She calls them “Toothy high heels”. “All the teeth in white represent a shark’s teeth, while the heel represents a knife that catches a shark,” Price explained. “Like most women, I love shoes but there aren’t many attractive 3D printed shoes out there. So, I decided to design something more unique and attractive.”  






shoe 2dsc_7747-681x1024dsc_7748


What Price finds fascinating about 3D printing is seeing her “design come to life” right in front of her. Every model she makes she puts her creativity in “designing, 3D modeling, and 3D printing.” With that in mind, Price has designed 5 helpful models that you can use at home: 1. Geeetech Prusa i3 Bed Leveling Corner Bracket M3 Nut You can tighten screws and hold wing nuts while leveling the bed of your 3D printer.

IMG_4368 Bed Levelling Corner Bracket M3 Nut          

2. Cable Tie Clips Forget about your cables getting tangled because this detangles and organizes them.

Cable Tie ClipsIMG_4781

3. Funnel for coffee roaster Quest M3 This funnel prevents coffee beans from getting trapped in the exhaust pipe.

IMG_4451       After print

4. Perfboard You can place an electronic control board or wires through the wholes.

.IMG_4591       IMG_4377

5. Adjustable iPhone and smartphone cat stand This is easy to assemble, requires no tools, and is collapsible. You can watch videos without having to hold your phone.

IMG_4751 IMG_4754  

            Although Price is working on more models, she encourages others “who are interested in 3D printing to get started.” Despite thinking that it is too difficult to try, Price says, “It’s not. Although I’m not an engineer, I’m a girl who used to be a cook turned into an industrial drafter. If I can do it, you can do it too!”

6 Facts About Sharks:

1. How strong is a shark’s bite? The bull shark has the strongest bite recorded with a bite force of 478 pounds. 2. Did you know that shark embryos can sense when they’re in danger? When embryos grow, the seal of the egg opens allowing for predators to detect sensory cues when the embryo is moving. To avoid being eaten, the embryos will stop breathing and stay still until the predator passes. 3. You can identify the age of a shark by counting the rings on its vertebrae. 4. The most dangerous sharks are the Great White, Hammerhead, Tiger, Mako and Bull sharks. 5. Stingrays are closely related to sharks. 6. Sharks lose roughly 30,000 teeth during their lifetime.   Click here to view Hiroko Price’s designs. Check out her blog here.

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