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Save Our Wildlife

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Amao Chan


Not a day goes by that an elephant is hunted for its tusks, a tiger for its fur, a rhino for its horn, or a sea turtle for its meat, eggs, and shell. Even though it may be illegal in some countries to kill these animals, it sadly isn’t illegal in every country. There are over 16,938 species and counting that are on the verge of becoming extinct in different parts of the world. Of those 16,938 species, there are about 14 species in Taiwan that are vulnerable of becoming extinct. So the big question is…what can you do? Amao Chan, a designer and art creator, “started 3D printing a series of animals” that are endangered in his homeland of Taiwan. He hopes to spread awareness of these beautiful creatures and inform people about each one. He stumbled upon this thought when he researched how he could “create a lifelike animal” in 3D. However, in the process of studying them, he realized that the animals he was researching about were endangered. To his astonishment, he decided that he had to do something.


paper animals
Amao Chan’s paper animals

Chan started off by making paper animals i.e. pandas, penguins, rhinos, and etc. He then “taught himself how to 3D print in 2015, transforming the paper craft of the rhino into a 3D printed sharing artwork,” Chan said. He went on to design a pangolin, Formosan black bear, and the Formosan monkey. Under each design he has a description of the animals and ways you can help them. What Chan would like people to understand about these endangered animals is that “some things in life that are gone can never be replaced. Never lead an irreversible regret by a momentary desire.” “One of the most significant things is letting people understand how important the knowledge of wildlife conservation is. This is why I’ve started a movement called ‘Printing Instead of Hunting’. When a person donates NTD $3000 to the Taipei Zoological Foundation, they will receive a 3D printed pangolin in return. I hope what I do could make a little contribution and support this organization to have some more influence in education,” Chan expressed. Although Chan is just one person wanting to make a difference to help prevent these animals from going extinct, imagine what a group or the whole world could do. Let’s start a movement and spread awareness. When people are taught the value of each animal and how they help our planet, allows people to understand that each animal serves a purpose. Share this with everyone you know and make a stand together.  #savewildlife

3 Things You Can Do:

  1. Donate money to a wildlife conservation.
  2. Reduce, recycle, reuse. Reduce the amount of plastics that you use, recycle your waste, and buy reusable bottles or containers.
  3. Stay informed of the types of species that are vulnerable. You can visit local zoos and aquariums that protect wildlife.

Asian Black Bear

bear4 bear3 bear bear6



monkey3 monkey2 monkey5 monkey1



P05 P01 P08  P04



rhino4 rhino 3 rhino 1 rhino 5


To support this cause or for more information, click here. Click here for Amao Chan’s animal collection and information about them.  


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