Jun - 2015

Meet the Winner: Mike Grauer Jr.


Congratulations again to our most recent SeeMeCNC 3D printer winner! We couldn’t be more excited for Mike and cannot wait to see what he creates. Read further to learn more about Mike and his influence in the 3D printing community. 

Tell us a bit about your professional life. I write articles about 3D printing for Inside3DP and other websites. When not using animation software to design 3D graphics, I get involved in entrepreneurship. I’m currently putting together stem boxes with a friend for his computer business for example. Do you only design, or do you create and print as well? Practicing 3D printing is huge part of what I do. I create anything that comes to my mind no matter how practical. I’ll print toys, gadgets, planters and other additions for my gear like a mount for my camera. The other day I printed an oven knob to replace the one recently broken at my parents’ home for example. Where did it all start with 3D printing and you? I got my first printer in 2012, a SeeMeCNC printer, the H1.1 before they introduced their Delta printers. But it was 2010 when I really started to notice an opportunity to get involved. I knew about 3D in the early 90’s, back when I was a tech show addict. The problem back then was 3D system printers were far too expensive for me at that point in its evolution. My current printer is a PrinterBot, metal simple. Pinshape or Thingiverse and why? I’m going for Pinshape. The fact is that it’s separate from MakerBot and leaves no conflict of interest when turning to printer support. That gives leeway for designs from competitor printers when it comes to mods or original printer designs. I’ve posted a couple on both Thingiverse and Pinshape. Based on overall printer independence, especially between MakerBot and Stratasys, I like Pinshape. What project is currently on your desk? Right now I’m focused on promoting my 3D hubs website. I’m trying to offer my printer to people who want their stuff printed. On a funny printing side to things, I also have plans to 3d print a cos-play costume for Sakura-con next year. Talk about your most prized design. I bring my PrinterBot to events and run demos to wow onlookers. Design-wise, it’s not most-prized, but the fact that I can educate people on 3D printing is where it find value. A lot of people don’t realize what 3D printing is even though it’s everywhere in the media or online and on sites like yours. What advice do you have for those learning about 3D printing? Get on those online forums like RipRap and Spyder 3D World and even Linkedin and say what’s on your mind. For those seeking professional careers, I recommend studying engineering principles or art/content creation and learn to design computer graphics and animation. That’s usually a good start. Then hang out at hacker/creator spaces and meet people. How did your education prepare you for 3D printing? I have a bachelor’s degree in animation and media design. What’s cool is my school had an industrial 3D design program with a laser cutter and Z-Corp 3D printer, which was a very high-end printer at the time. It was helpful that I also studied business. Where did the writing part of your career come from? I started out on Examiner.com writing about gadgets. I wrote a review about Shapeways on there few years ago, and that’s what got me hooked. Dennis Mitzner, who runs Inside3DP, was harassing me on twitter and Linkedin to keep writing for them, so I did. I also weaved 3D printing in my MBA coursework. That gave me some interesting insights on the 3D printing industry and gave me some interesting things to write about.
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