Aug - 2014

Meet the Designer: Tosh

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Our talented designers are an eclectic group from all over the world. Find out what drives their passion for 3D design as they reveal more about themselves in our “Meet the Designer” series. Their tips, inspiration, and wisdom will provide you with an insider’s view of 3D printing, along with a few laughs and surprises along the way. Where are you from? My home country is Japan. Currently, I’m living in the USA. Why 3D printing? How did you become interested in it? I like having control over the design process, and the instant gratification of seeing my design. Which of your designs has received the most positive response? The secret shelf has received the most positive response. Where do you see the 3D printing industry in 5 years? Looking in the future, I see the industry expanding and simplifying the supply chain for a customer. How do you think that 3D printing will change people’s lives? In times of great needs, there will be on-demand manufacturing, for example, in a hospital. What other interests do you enjoy? Traveling is my interest, which help me find inspiration.
Designs by Tosh
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