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Meet 3Dponics

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The first-ever Farming, Science and 3D Printing Mash-up

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“The first human to live on Mars might not be astronauts, but farmers.” Source: NASA
“The first human to live on Mars might not be astronauts, but farmers.” Source: NASA
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Cultivating fresh produce in your home or backyard, and perhaps one day in the shuttles of space travelers, is more of a reality now that Spyder 3D World and 3Dponics are working together to perfect toxic-free, at-home gardening.

3Dponics, headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, has developed three hydroponic systems that, with a 3D printer and minimal home supplies, successfully created a radical at-home growing experience for urban farmers.

In a cooperative collaboration, Spyder 3D World’s engineers remixed the original files, adding state-of-the-art improvements to 3Dponics’ digital designs, more specifically improving the areas of print quality and speed.


“Spyder 3D World is all about joining communities,” explains Joe Bloomfield, CEO of the online community. “Small businesses have the power to share ideas, make things better by working together, and this collaboration with 3Dponics is a perfect example of how 3D printing enthusiasts are making the entire community better.”

Some of the topics 3Dponics focuses on include finding solutions to everyday problems such as the rising costs of fresh produce, drought conditions and growing functionality in extreme environments such as space.

space-farming-challengeimage source:NASA

Hydroponics, the practice of growing plants without soil, solves a lot of those concerns by being space efficient and using minimal water. Plants grown hydroponically produce more fruit in less time than in traditional farm environments. And it’s fun!

The new designs, downloads and instructional videos are available now for free at Spyder 3D World’s community. Isn’t it time you started your own garden?

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