WyoMakers is a new makerspace housed at the University of Wyoming in the College of Education. The makerspace is under the direction of Dr. Tonia Dousay (tdousay@uwyo.edu).

Our vision is to put into place programs that promote 21st century skills, including multiliteracies, problem solving, critical thinking, and perseverance, to prepare learners of all ages to face the challenges of the future.

University faculty may use the space to structure activities that encourage undergraduate and graduate students to engage in hands-on activities. Teacher educators, in particular, are encouraged to use the space as a teaching tool related to designing learning activities.

Any teacher in the state of Wyoming is also welcome to use the space either in person or virtually. In addition to workstations, software, and a 3D printer, WyoMakers has a variety of resources available to loan at no cost to Wyoming schools.

As infrastructure for the makerspace is established and improved, we are working to introduce a model that allows and encourages community-based activities and programming for the general public.