In 2013, the families who started organizing Dallas Community School decided it was time to bring the Maker movement to Dallas. We formed a DIY/Young Maker Club that encourages kids to participate in projects that emphasize creativity, innovation, and STEAM subjects (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). We draw from two sources of inspiration: and Young Maker. DIY is a scouting-type program where kids complete projects and earn badges. Young Maker emphasizes team building and longer term projects.

Our group is organized as a DIY Club on ( and as a Young Maker Club ( We are also a Google Maker Camp Affiliate ( All of this means kids can earn badges through while also focusing on individual projects. Our group is free and we try to keep supply costs low/free. Our activities range from technology to science to nature and art. We are open to kids under 12 and the average age in our group is 7.

Thanks to support from Make and Google, we offer a free Lending Library that members can borrow to use at home. The library includes things like soldering irons, Arduino kits, Makey Makey, books, and basic craft supplies.

We warmly welcome families of all backgrounds, shapes, sizes, structures, etc. Because this is an informal group, parents/adults need to stay with their kids (no dropping off) and participate in group activities.