5875 E Appian Way, Long Beach, CA, United States

Welcome to Makersville!

We are a community of Makers and we believe in harnessing the power of play to create  learning situations.  We provide tools, equipment, materials, guidance and broad goals.  Learning progress is dependent upon the individual.  Some of our programs begin when an individual youth expresses a wish to learn a skill or a community member wishes to share or explore a skill, or when we get a new piece of equipment.  Our success is evaluated on whether the participants are learning, enjoying learning and want to learn more.

We have in our Makerspace a computer lab, a Thermofax silk screen maker, a Bukobot 3D printer, an Oculus DK2, a MindWave headset, SparkFun inventor kits, EV3 robots and a generous supply of LEGO bricks, purchased with special builds in mind.

We are thrilled that our Makers have a wide variety of unusual skills and interests which makes many activities possible, and are excited about creating new programs in which your child can participate. If your child is interested in content that is not currently offered, please contact us and if we are able we will develop a program around your child’s interest.