Jan - 2017

Let’s Go Retro!

Apple Watch Charging Dock

Charles Mangin profile picture Apple Inc. is one of the world’s largest IT companies that have remained at the top of their respective industry since 1976. As an Apple software and hardware enthusiast and a love for technology, Charles Mangin, an IT consultant and 3D hobbyist, specializes on designing “miniature versions of real world objects.” Even though some of the models Mangin creates are miniature sized, most of them, if not all, are functional. Fascinated by the classic styles of Apple products, his favorite 3D models that he’s created are the Apple Disk II floppy drive and the Apple III Raspberry Pi case. “Both have articulated drive doors that work like the original mechanisms and are functional. They’re not simply decorative sculptures,” Mangin explained. Although these two 3D models are his favorite, his most popular is the Apple Watch stand. “It incorporates the watch as the screen of a tiny Macintosh,” Mangin said. What inspired him to make this model wasn’t the style of the watch but simply the introduction video of the Apple Watch. “As soon as I saw the video I knew I had to make a charging stand for it in the style of a classic Mac. The popularity of the watch gave me the motivation to improve an earlier model,” Mangin said. Mangin’s 3D designs take you back in time to what Apple products used to look like. They’re a tribute and a remembrance of Steve Jobs’ earlier inventions. Apple Watch Charging Dock Apple Disk II floppy drive Apple III Raspberry Pi Case2        

Click here to view Charles Mangin’s designs. Check out his YouTube channel.

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