Nov - 2016

Let Your Imagination Fly


  When you use your imagination to create and innovate you have the ability to achieve anything. With a 3D printer it opens doors to new dimensions and infinite possibilities. This allows you to turn your creation into reality. David Lim, owner and creator of “SupermotoXL Designs” began creating and inventing at the age of 8. He started playing with LEGOs and dismantling electronics. Little did he know that this would lead him to create the smallest 3D pocket drone. Lim’s pocket drone is so small that it fits on the palm of your hand. Due to its size, weight, and micro rotor, Lim states that it minimizes harm to anyone and anything if it were to crash or bump into them. There is no question that Lim’s imagination is endless and his love for inventing things is effortless. His goal is to be “creative and share his passion with everyone in the world.” If we can think outside of the box of what 3D printers can do, imagine what we could accomplish in the world.


Click here to view David Lim’s pocket drone. 

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