XL-RCP 24.0: Camera Gimbal Casing for SJCAM M10

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Its an Aerial camera gimbal casing: XL-RCP 24.0 SJCAM M10 series camera gimbal casing. I design this casing to accommodate my new SJCAM M10+ action camera to bolt into my multi-rotor/quad copter/drone platform for aerial photography works. The original casing provided by the manufacturer that is compatible for use on multi-rotor/quad copter or any camera platform attachment was too heavy and tedious to use especially when pushing the button around the camera when its already mounted, plus it has no protection against lens scratches which prone to happen during usage. So the new gimbal casing (XL-RCP 24.0) for SJCAM M10 helps to solve the above problem with some extra features. Take note that I’m using a Z-modeler to build the 3D parts so don’t be alarmed if they look cracked on the 3D viewer. There should be no problem when 3D printing.

Release date: November 16, 2016
Last updated: June 27, 2018
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