The 3D Printed Marble Machine #3

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What you’ll need:

  • – Printer: Ultimaker 2
  • – Rafts: No
  • – Resolution: 0.15 mm layer height
  • – Infill: 25%
  • – One elevator and four tracks
  • – Printable without any support


  • – Once you’ve printed the STL files place the screw like item through the hole at the top of the marble machine.
  • – Place the item that looks like a wheel on top of the hole.
  • – Place the last piece on top, tip side down (the dent is for your finger to turn in a circular motion).
  • – Place the marbles on the four tracks and watch them roll.
  • – Using your finger to turn the top allows the marbles to automatically filter through the machine.
  • – Takes 9.5 mm (3/8 in.) steel ball bearings.

Refer to this YouTube video if needed: The 3D Printed Marble Machine #3

Release date: November 3, 2016
Last updated: June 27, 2018
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