Stepper Motor Wind Turbine

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  Updates at end of description. Videos: Electronics explanation:   This is a highly experimental and UNTESTED wind turbine design. I’m current assembling and printing parts as I go, and making adjustments. You will want to check back regularly to see how the design in progressing, as I’ll be adding schematics and design notes along the way.   The basic concept is to give you a small 15 watt (approx) wind generator to experiment with, that will allow you to swap out tail fins and rotor blades, and pole configurations. I’ve tried to allow for easy construction and improvisation – but open to modifying my designs to suit your needs.   You will need access to a laser cutter or router for this to cut the blades and tailfin – though for now I’ll include the STL’s for a mini version you can print.   The Blade hub is designed to you can attach any number of different blades provided the stem has a straight edge. It’s designed to be press fit to the included bevel gear on the stepper, after the gear has been heated with a lighter or butane torch. I can modify this if you have other ideas.   The swivel base is designed to house one or two 608Z type ball bearings. There is also a stop notch on the base designed to prevent continuous rotation.   I’ll be designing a compatible base for this at a later date.   Source files available on request – just leave a comment – I check thingiverse regularly.   You will also need a common stepper motor :STP-58D200 from Shinano Kenchi. also known as an RH7-1328 on ebay.   It’s a 5 wire stepper, with common centre-tapped coils (4 coils in total) White wire is your common.   I intend to ignore the common and put a bridge rectifier and electrolytic capacitor (approx 3300 micro farad), across each coil pair. I then intend to series connect the outputs of both rectifiers, and in theory should hit around 12-15vdc.   The coils are 3.8v rated, and the motor 1.2A rated. 1.8 degree steps, and 200 steps to the rotation.   I have saved the DXF in autocad 2000 format for your ease of use, and while it may be poorly arranged and have no title block, it contains the necessary dimensions for the blades and many of the other measurements for reference.   If you need something cleaned up, let me know and I’ll spit out something fancy to suit your laser cutting needs.   However for testing you may like to try some school rulers, these should fit the hub nicely, with some 3mm nuts and bolts (nylock nuts recommended)     UPDATES: 10:20pm 23/1/2015 printed and tested all case parts and hub. Hub OK Hole alignment is a little off for case parts – will correct tonight.     10:44pm 23/1/2015 Uploaded modified case sections – now feature oblique holes to allow for printing inaccuracies.     7:38 pm 25/1/2015 Printed case parts and assembled – all ok, some delamination @40% with abs – recommend 100% fill – re-attempting in PLA @ 100% fill. Video of blade and hub test: Laser cut new tail fin – DWG included. More pictures added     8:15pm 25/1/2015 Added power supply circuit images. Schematic to come later. two separate wires are output, two paired wires go to coil pairs. disregard common on 5 wire model (white wire)     10:18pm 25/1/2015 Uploaded field test vid: Uploaded Electronics explanation to youtube.     9:29pm 26/1/2015 (Australia Day!) Re-printed in 100% fill PLA – looks and feels great – took 18 hours. bolted sections together and welded case sections together with gas torch and offcut of filament. (pictures coming soon) Dropped blade assembly and busted 3 blades. will laser cut more when shops re-open as I’m out of plywood. Considering corflute as an option for blades.     1:34pm 27/1/2015 Added shim adaptor for 17mm chrome tube (optional) Cut replacement blades today – and refitted hub to shaft – using 5 minute epoxy. uploaded a few new photos as promised.     4:42pm 28/1/2015 Have had troubles with blade clearance on the pole. Updated hub with flange holes. Added Extender Flange Extender features screw clamp to aid with variations in gear diameter – 2mm variance.     11:24pm 28/1/2015 Successfully printed Extender flange and new blade hub at 100% fill in ABS. looks good, and extender fits stepper shaft firmly when all 3 3mm screws are used. Can also be removed with ease. Pictures Uploaded for the new system.

Release date: July 31, 2017
Last updated: July 9, 2018
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