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This is a standard spool holder that is pretty simple to do. 1. Find a spool holder. There will be a hole that the top rod will go through. Measure which sized top rod you need (small or big). A simpler way of figuring this out is if your hole is less than 50 mm but greater than 30 mm you’ll need a small top arm pair. If your hole is larger than 50 mm you’ll need to go with a big top arm pair. 2. Measure the size of the arms you’ll need. Lay the spool flat and measure the diameter of the spool. Be sure to see if you’ll need a Big Top and Standard sized arms before proceeding. In this case, you’ll need two files for your two arms. the Standard_BigTop_BaseArm and the Standard_BigTop_SpinnerArm 3.  Understand how the BigRod and SmallRod work. For instance, if you’ve determined that you have a BigTop in the first step, you’ll need to print 2 Small Rods and 1 Big Rod of equal length. If you determined that you have a SmallTop in the first step, you’ll need to print 3 Small Rods of equal length. 4. Now determine the length by laying your spool down on its side and measure the height of the spool. Add the measurement in metric and add 10 mm. The extra 10 mm makes up for the 7-8 mm that is lost when the rod screws into the base arm. Round up if your measurement is an odd number. Now you’re ready to make your own spool holder!

Release date: October 28, 2016
Last updated: June 28, 2018
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