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The smallest 3D printed FPV/ miniature personal nano UAV platform: XL-RCM 10.0 PIXXY : Pocket drone/FPV quad It is consider the smallest “3D printed” FPV/UAV platform ever made for public/civilian use on the day it was released to the public on March 15, 2014. Extremely light weighted at 40 gram, palm/pocket sized, easily stored into any storage, cheaper building cost, easier to build with simple soldering skills and parts widely available in common online hobby and toy shops. I designed this kit to enable me to enjoy fun indoor remote video wireless FPV flight flying through various narrow obstacles. It can also can be flown outdoor like its bigger brother too. The size, weight and micro rotor added safety factor minimized any harm to both living things and property should it bump into anyone or crash into other’s property. This kit accept common and popular nano sized multi-rotor and FPV hardware that can be found on any hobby stores, security hardware shops and also popular online electronics supplier with building cost below USD $100 for complete personal FPV/UAV experience on normal screen/TV, all thanks to cheap open source electronics. This 3D printed kit consists of 3x parts: the top cover, the main frame and the lower motor base cup. Required or recommended to be 3D print using plastic ABS material for rigid structure. Once printed you only need to shed off support material and snap in all the required electronic hardware by hand. There are no screws or glue needed to snap in the electronics hardware, however, soldering are needed to connect wires between motors, flight board controller, video transmitter and camera only. Glue is only required or optional to keep the top frame cover in place if necessary. I’ve already included a diagram of electronic hardware installation. Please view it for those who are new to FPV installation.

Release date: November 16, 2016
Last updated: June 27, 2018
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