Playstation 2 mini arcade

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(its not finished yet but giving it the final touches, more photos will be added once the paint dries!) I have entered this on a design competition to win a playstation 4, If you could be so kind to like it in the following website: Hi there, This is my playstation 2 mini arcade. I was given this playstation a couple of years ago. And i thought I should put it to good use. The Arcade is made out of MDF sides and the rest is all 3D printed. I am installing E.L. wire for coolness to the screen side. As you can see I only started yesterday but I will continue to update the images as it nears finishing. Once is finished I will give it to a co-workers son who comes to sit with me while at work to see what we can print next from thingiverse. He loves 3D printing. You might be able to do without the brackets I have made. Because I do not have a circular saw, i thought i cut cut the internal shelf pieces with a jigsaw then hide my crooked cuts in the brackets! Luckily my friend Steve cut them for me and I didnt need to use them. So you have that option. no screws on this project, just construction glue! but make yours to your skill level. my woodworking skills and tools are not very good. Also, I have found this object here in thingiverse also: Bi thankyou to the maker!!!

Release date: April 18, 2017
Last updated: June 26, 2018
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