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Feed your rubber tubing through the hollow rod to ensure that the water or nutrient solution flows smoothly through your system. It also ensures that the conduit or venturi is positioned vertically in the nutrient solution so that it can suck up the water efficiently.

3Dponics is an open-source initiative, so feel free to download the source files and refine the designs. Share your tweaks and improvements with the Spyder 3D World community and collaborate with other members.

Spyder 3D World Mods – A chamfer was added to the inside of the Support Rod Square to print at a better orientation: upward. Reducing the amount of bridging the original design required allowed for a more successful print.

Tech Specs

[two_third padding=”0px 0px 0px 0px”]Square_Support_Rod[/two_third] [one_third_last padding=”0px 0px 0px 10px”]
  • Filament: Abs
  • Print temp: 230-235
  • Bed temp: 95
  • Nozzle: .4
  • Later height: .2
  • Speed for infill: 40mm/s
  • Speed for perimeter: 40mm/s
  • speed for outside perimeter: 35mm/s
  • Travel speed: 60mm/s
  • First layer speed: 12mm/s
  • Flow rate: 100%
  • Infill: 20%

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Release date: June 15, 2015
Last updated: June 16, 2015
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