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Coal Dog

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The hound that sniffs out and eliminates tough odors from your refrigerator.

Coal Dog keeps your refrigerator smelling fresh and clean, all year round. Since ancient times, man has kept a box of baking soda in the fridge to eliminate odors. Recent scientific research suggests that regular ordinary charcoal can be even better at this task, and potentially lasts even longer.

  • Note: do not use the kind of charcoal with lighter fluid in it.
Printing Instructions

No rafts or supports needed! Print from anything you want. The pupils and tip of the nose are printed separately so you can make them different colors.


There are three STLs to print: the face, the nose, and the tip of the nose/pupils. Everything press fits and snaps into place, no gluing or other nonsense required. Just slide the nose onto the face and snap it in place. Slide the nose tip down from the top, and press fit in the pupils, locking the nose in place.


Place 5 charcoal briquettes in a bag, and crush them gently with a hammer. Apply some double sided 3M tape to the back of the dog’s head, and stick it to the inside wall of your refrigerator somewhere out of the way. Attach the nose, and fill it with the charcoal. For even better results, you can activate your charcoal using calcium carbonate, or buy activated charcoal at any aquarium supply store.

More Photos

This Dog is printed in Ecolink white PLA at 0.2mm layers

One-Piece Coal Dog Prototype

Printed in Blue PETG by

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Release date: September 14, 2017
Last updated: June 25, 2018
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