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Hello! As a part of the one day Project challenge I made a device that can blow bubbles with only a handle to turn and a balloon! I had a lot of fun working on this project and I had more trouble that I’d like to admit. I’m a 16 years old student from Israel playing for the local robotics FRC team as the head CAD department. Time to design and tinker: 4 hours Time to Print: 11 Hours (a few tries) Clean-up and video making: 2 hours Have a nice day!

Print Settings

Printer Brand: Printrbot

Printer: Simple Black

Supports: Yes

Resolution: 1.2mm was just enough

Infill: about 15% should be enough



This is a print with very little supports, and no real cleanup needs to be done for them

Middle rod

Now my printer tends to be very unreliable, so I gave my design a little breathing area, in order to fit my design to your printer you can wrap each end of the rod in duct tape until it fits just right. I used a wooden oak rod (8mm). If you are going to print this rod instead of usung one, print it lying down for a tougher and stronger result.


If your printer is like mine or it is mis-calibrated, you can use (as I have in the video) a simple plastic bag to go inside the tub itself.I have left more than enough space for that sort of tinkering.

How I Designed This

I used Inventor 2016 in order to design this, I made 3 normal parts and connected them together in an assembly and tinkered with each of them until I got it right.

Custom Section

Project BBT

Project Name: “Balloon Bubble Turret” Overview & Background: We’ve always used those old boring bubble wands. Time to take it to the next level! Objectives: Basic Engineering, tension between objects and Working with air pressure. Audiences: This is a great project for anyone who is at 9th to 12th grade. More or less. Even though I am the head of the CAD department in our local school FRC team, I think anyone with basic knowledge would be able to invent and make his own design with a little more time than just a day, although that would be a pretty nice goal. Subjects: Basic Engineering. Skills Learned (Standards): Creative thinking, there are many ways to make a bubble turret! While thinking of this project I had many ideas in mind with features I’ve lost and added new ones! While there are not really any new skills to be learnt from this project, but it’s a great way to finish off a class with one good end project. I have educated other students how to design in Inventor 2016 and this project covers all the basic and a bit more. Just enough for new students! Lesson/Activity: Now of course you can just give this to a student and tell them “do that”, but personally I think giving them a free hand on this idea might be the best thing here, there are endless ways you can complete this task. Student get tasks all the time that tell them to do something specific and very rarely do they get a task the makes them explore new horizons and try to think for themselves. This project combines everything a students really needs to learn and have a little fun doing so, I know I had fun! Duration: For me It took 3-4 hours to design this top to bottom. Now for a new student that just started my guess would be about 2-3 days of easy and relaxing work, and giving them more time to think. When I started I had one Idea in mind and developed it while I was working. New students might have a little problem with that sort of thing. Preparation: A 3D printer or a woodworking shop would be a good start but not a necessity. If you’re working with Inventor or other programs they need to know how to work with more than one object and thinking outside the box! This task could be really easy or challenging, that depends on the student. And of course, a handful of rubber balloons and bubbly goodness! References: none. Rubric & Assessment: The general idea that I really liked is to just give them the name “Air powered bubble machine” and telling them to be creative and go from there. The design I went with is pretty basic. Another way of doing this project, for example, is having a fixed handle turning an ellipse with another fixed hinge bellow it, with the right side (with some weight to it) dipping into the bubbly goodness and coming out as the left side can block the balloon with a “V” shape (the way the balloon is set is the same as in this project) when it’s not in use. But each student can take it down a different path and make a thing of his own. Now grading this might not be as simple. I think the teacher should grade each work based on the simplicity of the design, how efficient it is and other things like those. Another important thing is to not grade it based on how many bubbles per second (BpS units) it can produce, that will take away all the creativity away from it and everyone will make basically the same thing, but that is my opinion and you’re welcome to feel free to do whatever you like with that idea. Have a nice day!

Release date: September 26, 2017
Last updated: June 25, 2018
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