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“The symbol that you sought and found… It is a mark of courage and honor, yes. But it promises pain and loss as well.” ― Oiá:ner, regarding the Assassins’ insignia, 1777.[src] About the Design The insignia of the Assassin Order, though varying slightly over different time periods and countries, held essentially the same shape and style. Each of its variations represented the various sects of the Order. The insignia was also part of the armor of leading Assassin figures in a number of time periods. History During the High Middle Ages, the insignia was used to mark the entrances of Assassins’ Bureaus and could be seen on the banners decorating the fortress of Masyaf. During the Renaissance in Italy, it was used on the mechanisms in the many Assassin Tombs and on the banners and walls of Monteriggioni. It was also displayed on the banners hung in the Tiber Island headquarters. In Constantinople, Assassin Dens and ziplines had a small Assassin insignia atop them, while bomb-crafting stations were all painted with the Turkish Assassins’ personal insignia. [via wikia]

Release date: April 29, 2015
Last updated: July 5, 2018
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