Apple II Raspberry Pi case

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Shell and keyboard pieces for the Apple II Raspberry Pi case, original Apple ][ flavor.

Complete, assembled and painted pieces are available at or


Complete, painted and assembled cases can be purchased at my store:

Pieces can also be ordered through Shapeways:

If you need a Raspberry Pi, they can be ordered (along with accessories and kits) from Element14: or

To complete the case, you will need to choose a base, positioned for either using HDMI or composite video output.

For the original Pi:

For the model B+ or Pi 2:

Paint colors I use are as follows – Original ][ and //e case: MG “Sahara Yellow” #8010 Platinum //e case: MG “Shell White Cream” Original ][ keyboard, bases: Krylon “Espresso” //e keyboard: MG “Manila Green” Platinum //e keyboard: Krylon “Almond”

Available from and

If you decide to print your own, please upload photos!

Release date: January 26, 2017
Last updated: June 26, 2018
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