Apollo 11 Mission

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USA Apollo 11 the first man to land on the moon no other country has achieved that goal the USSR chose to only have non maned missions. All parts lay flat on the bed for no support cleanup. the only parts that require supports are the rover fenders and rover main dish and the bottom pod of them everything else leave supports off. The rover is a little over scaled I don’t think it is possible to scale down again you can try if you want or you can scale them up. The rover is from Apollo 16 that is the first time the rover was used the space was always there but the rover concept did not come till later the rover had to be constructed to fit into the already existing storage space on the them. The Apollo 11 and 12 missions mean even more to me it brings back lots of great memory’s as my father also worked on 11 and 12 I don’t know about the earlier Apollo missions because he always kept his work hush hush but he would bring me boxes of components that where not up to standards to be used in the missions if a switch failed in the tests once it and the whole lot was thrown out so if you wonder why a switch cost $100 that is why extremely high standards. I used the components to make my own space craft with actual switches and lights and a lot of other goodies from the real thing. I think that will be a good project to do on the 3D printer after I get done with this project I think this Apollo 11 mission will complete my race to space all I have left is the crafts plaque and memorial plaque the memorial plaque is going to be difficult because because of the political policies there is evidence that the Soviet Union actually made a maned moon landing before the US but the cosmonauts where killed in the mission and they completely erased them our of existence it appears that they had a lot of fatality’s and covered them up completely. I remember going into his office and looking at the blue prints and hoping I would not get caught as he would have tanned my hide if he ever caught me.

Release date: May 15, 2017
Last updated: June 26, 2018
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