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This is a very easy print to make. It only has two main prints and you have the option of printing either 6 individual sliding cylinders or print one with all of them already embedded. Every print can be printed on a single extruder, no print requires any supports, and the tallest print is 155 mm high on the Z-axis. The only thing that you’d need to purchase is the LED light and remote. Single Extrusion: 1. Download these two STL files the Single_BottomHandle and the Single_TopHandle. These prints make up the handle. The bottom handle can be printed as is in an upright position. However, the top handle should be printed with the top down. 2. Settings: print at 0.2 mm (200 micron) resolution per layer. For speeds, print an average of 70 mm/s. However, this depends on the printer you have. The time to print will be about 4-5 hours for the top and 3-4 hours for the bottom. Dual Extrusion: 1. Use a purge wall if you’re going to do a dual extrude. Print the following files: DualBottominner, DualBottomOuters, Dual TopInner, and the Dual TopOuter. 2. The same settings apply to the dual extrusion as they do to the single (0.2 mm resolution, either 2-3 shells, and 10% linear infill). Time to print estimates to 15-16 hours for the top and 9-10 hours for the bottom. For more information click here for more instructions

Release date: October 28, 2016
Last updated: June 28, 2018
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