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How To Prep Your Print Bed


How To Prep Your Print Bed: Video Transcript

0:09: Hey…Hey…Welcome to Spyder3DWorld!

0:13: My name is Kevin and this colleague Enrique and we are your Spyder 3D Engineers.

0:18: We’re here at Spyder 3D World where we encourage you to dream, design, discover.

0:21: Today we will be discussing…tape.

0:25: So you’re just got yourself a 3d printer and you’re trying to figuring out how to get those prints to stick onto your bed.

0:32: We’re going to show you some few tips and tricks that are going to allow you to get a good adhesion on that bed surface.

0:36: In 3D printing, there are two types of tape use. The first type of tape we’re going to discuss today is painter’s tape. Also known as blue tape.

0:43: You generally use blue tape, when printing with PLA and Nylon. The reason for this is, blue tape is very porous allowing the print to stick to the bed very well.

0:53: So we’re going to show you guys how to apply the tape so you guys can get a good surface to adhere to.

0:56: The first thing you’re going to do is to take a little of painter’s tape and apply it to the desk/ table that you’re using. And then drag across your build platform, applying it with your hand, equal pressure along the strip. Once you reach the other side build platform, you’re going to leave a little but if excess. Tear it off and attached it to the desk/table.

1:14: Start another row again, the same way. You’re going to have a little piece, attached it to the desk/table that you’re using. Drag across the build platform, making sure you line up with previous strip, and there are no gaps or overlap. You also want to make sure there’s no crease in any of your strips.

1:34: Repeat this process until the entire build platform is covered.

1:40: Now we are going to apply the high temperature polyester tape. This process is very similar to applying the painter’s tape to the build platform. The first step is you’re going to want apply a bit of excess tape to the desk/table you’re using.

1:50: And then drag the tape across the build platform. Except this time instead of using your hands, you want to use a squeegee if you don’t have a squeegee then you can use a credit card. This process you have to have a little bit of patience for because you want to make sure there are no air bubbles or creases in the tape at all.

2:06: And just like last time you want to make sure that each strip of tape doesn’t have any overlap or gaps.

2:26: Okay now you’ve applied all the tape to the build platform. Now you can take a razor blade, run along the edge of the glass and remove the excess tape.

2:47: Alright, guys now your bed is all tape up and ready to go! Tune in next time, when we’re going to talk about the different types of adhesive you can use to get your prints going.

2:55: Thanks for watching! SPYDER 3D WORLD!!!!!

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