Walt Disney was one of the greatest American storytellers and a remarkable animator, who had a way of bringing his ideas to life. He said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

In many ways, Chris Kopack, owner of Parts Oven located in Paso Robles, California, incorporates Disney’s saying but makes it his motto to let “Good Ideas, Go Live”. You never know what to expect in life but it’s your dreams and aspirations that make it all worthwhile. When you pursue your dreams, anything can happen.

Kopack started in the screen printing business, yet had the desire to build prototypes. He researched into building them with a 3D printer and tried to find a company nearby that’ll do it for him. However, he couldn’t find any and was led to buy a 3D printing machine of his own. Since then, he hasn’t stopped printing and learning about the 3D printing world. Five years later, he created a company called Parts Oven in March of 2012. Developing a creative team, his company works together with customers to “bring their ideas to life”.

Whether it’s a one-off custom fit part or a mass production injection molded consumer product, we are here to help,” Kopack said.

His company specializes in acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and Nylon fused deposition modeling (FDM) production that “builds everything from prototypes to end use parts”. To develop a good idea, “we’re always looking for problems to solve big or small,” Kopack said.

Art Preservation

Art Preservation

Engineering Grade FDM

Engineering Grade FDM











Nylon Parts Printing

CAT Data to Models Save Lives

CAT Data to Models Save Lives

FDM for Short-Run Manufacturing

FDM for Short-Run Manufacturing







When you “look for a problem, the solution is usually not that far away. Usually the bigger the gap between the problem and solution, the more novel the idea is,” he explained.

This is how he believes innovation can be developed by making an idea into a reality and a thought into an action.

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That is what “helps our clients to secure their economic future,” Kopack said.

The company not only offers 1-on-1 computer aided design (CAD) sessions for professionals, but also helps out the community by engaging kids with 3D printing and works with the company Makers Making Change that offers solutions for quadriplegics. To engage the kids within the community, Kopack makes it a point to attend all the local Maker events, extends a helping hand, and visits a school nearby Paso Robles called Templeton to get students interested in 3D printing.

The school “has a more evolved engineering program, so I try to reach out to them as often as I can,” Kopack said.

He sponsors their projects but checks up on their progress by requiring the kids to make video updates of their project. This helps to “hold them accountable and have a good follow through on their projects,” he said.

Getting kids interested in 3D printing is just a start that he’s inspiring them to continue learning about.

Kopack encourages kids to “start with something that already exists that you want to modify. Model the object with nothing but a set of calipers to get the hang of modeling. Then add your own touch and PRINT!” he said.

Although he enjoys working with the kids on their projects, the most rewarding feeling when 3D printing is when his company Parts Oven helps others in need.

We have had the honor of working with the e-NABLE project who makes prosthetic hands and offers them to the disabled locally. We also have just started working with Makers Making Change to offer solutions for quadriplegics. These are incredibly rewarding projects to be a part of,” Kopack expressed.

Giving back to the community, making others happy, and showing kids the incredible things that 3D printing can offer to the world is what the company Parts Oven is all about. It’s a company that seeks to bring ideas to life and to make “Good Ideas Go Live”.

View the Parts Oven company’s page here or visit their website here.

Parts Oven logoParts Oven
1400 Railroad St. STE 105
Paso Robles CA 93446


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