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From Father to Sons

Holiday Lantern

headshot-davehart Although the holiday season is over, we reminisce about our favorite most memorable moments. David Hart, a published author and Senior Principle Consultant for a Telecommunications company, shares his passion for building and curiosity of 3D printing to his sons. “I’ve always liked figuring out how things worked. I used to take electric motors out of my toys and build robots and other things.  It’s kind of what led me into becoming a computer engineer,” Hart said.  Now that he has sons, he’s teaching them to carry on his passions for gadgets and working with his hands. His favorite 3D model that he’s created was his holiday lantern. It started when his “wife purchased a little snowflake lantern cover for a tea light,” Hart said. When his sons saw what their mom had bought they said, “We can make that and make a better one.” Excited to begin their project, Hart said, “Ok! Game on, let’s make it!”My youngest son, Corbin, thought we should make different lanterns with different patterns, such as a reindeer lantern, Santa lantern, and etc.,” Hart said.



While collaborating with his sons, they had an “aha” moment of creating “swappable panels” with a closed top. However, this meant that his wife couldn’t place a flame candle in the lantern but a flameless one. After completing all the 3D printed parts, putting it all together, and being proud of their creation, “We presented it to my wife and she loved it,” Hart exclaimed. Every season, she displays it “on the mantle above the fireplace” for everyone to see.  Being able to work with his kids made this project one of his favorite designs thus far. The reasons are because “it was created in the spirit of giving to bring joy to someone, every season when my wife brings it out my sons and I always make a comment about when we created it, and it has been received by the maker community,” Hart explained. This model brings back memories for Hart. “It may sound corny but it reminds me of the ‘Spirit of Giving’ during the holiday season,” Hart said. Although 2016 has ended and we’re entering into a new year, let’s not forget to make 2017 a great one bringing peace, tranquility and most of all love. Click here to view David Hart’s designs!

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