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Float like a Butterfly and Sting like a Bee

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who always said he was the most handsome three-time heavyweight champ of them all? For many boxing fans out there, it was Muhammad Ali. He was one of the most inspirational and controversial professional boxers of all time who knew how to throw a punch. Ali would not only throw punches at his opponents in the ring, but also outside of it with his words. His words were taunting but became few after his battle with Parkinson’s disease from related boxing brain injuries. Even though he became a man of few words, his daughter, Laila Ali, became his voice that has since carried on his legacy. To pay tribute to his hero Muhammad Ali, Brett Turnage, a composite expert and 3D printing designer, nicknamed his race car “The Ali”. The race car was designed after Audi’s R18E-Tron Quattro, which was nicknamed the “Black Beauty”. When Ali passed away on June 3, 2016, Turnage found it fitting to pay tribute to him by turning Audi’s race car into a mini version of it.




Audi's R18 E-Tron Quattro
Audi’s R18 E-Tron Quattro
"The Ali"
“The Ali”









              “This car is about inspiration and how Audi’s commercials and Muhammad Ali inspired me. As an African American everything that Muhammad Ali did is inspiring and makes me proud to be black. Many people do not stand up for what they believe, and especially in the face of criticism and outcry,” Turnage expressed. He explained that the car was a prototype version of the 2014 Audi R18 and that the “car was featured in a commercial where everyday people drove around in it doing everyday activities e.g. picking up your kids from school or driving to work. The point of the commercial was to show how Audi’s racing technology is also used in their everyday cars. For me this commercial was iconic and I loved the imagery of being able to drive in my dream car every day. That’s why I made the Audi, I love this car,” Turnage said. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxF1mnJMybA He designed the car in Fusion360 to resemble the original car. The only difference are the colors, which are black and red. “Some changes had to be made, mainly a box for the rear suspension because a real car’s differentials are not 1/2 the height of the car, but I’m proud of the finished product, and it looks incredibly gorgeous. I printed it at 1/128 micro stepping at .2 layer height. I also have to give credit to Simplify3d and its amazing tool paths, and Bondtech extruder. I believe these two products helped make the car look beautiful,” Turnage explained.

It is fast as it is furious, “designed to fit the largest and fastest motors that you can stick in an RC car”. Running with a 13.5T motor it “has a long wheel base (320mm wheel base) for stability, all-wheel drive with the capability to run two differentials or one way gear in the front,” Turnage said. Since the car is lightweight and low, it allows for “better cornering and speed. This allows for an extremely realistic LMP1 body”. Watch this video to see just how fast Turnage’s car can ride. Turnage’s version of the Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro drives like a butterfly and speeds like a bee. Just like Muhammad Ali’s quick footing and fast punches, it drives like a dream.



Turnage’s Top 3 Models: 1.  2016 Ducati Draxter Concept Drag Bike RC 2.  2016 Suzuki GSX-RR MotoGP RC Motorcycle 3.  RS-01 Basi OpenRC F1 Hitec HS-77BB Servo, Diffuser, Tamiya F 104 axle Check out Brett Turnage’s page here. His website here. YouTube Channel

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