Every face tells a story and everyone has a past. Despite wanting to hide your emotions, sometimes your face says it all. Raphael Gatt, a specialist at Animated Storyboards is an animation reviser, who pays attention to detail when designing the faces of well-known iconic movie stars.

After years of working in 3D animation, developing 3D fly logos, and working in Motion Graphics, Gatt uses his love for the film industry as his inspiration. Since he enjoys going to the movies, he tries to capture an expression from an actor or actress that he likes and turns it into a 3D sculpture.

tony stark

Robert Downey, Jr.

Sometimes I find models on the internet of a character I like that I could modify,” Gatt said.

His sculptures are detailed, intricate and realistic looking. It’s almost as if you’re staring at the real actor. He obtains their looks using “base models, increasing the resolution that’ll be sculpted over them, and internet photos as references,” Gatt explained.

Although some sculptures take longer than others to complete, “depending upon the size of the model, it generally takes up to 2-5 days to finish one,” Gatt says.

Each model had their time of dedication and attention”, however, his favorite models are the ones that “people make, share and comment about,” he explained.

Even though he’s “still trying to find better ways to print, customize, and share them,” Gatt doesn’t make these 3D printed sculptures for monetary value. He enjoys making them as a hobby and has a talent in sculpting. Perhaps one day they’ll become collector’s items because THEY’RE THAT GOOD!


Logan aka Wolverine


Joker in Batman









Hugh Jackman as Wolverine


Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator






Check out Raphael Gatt’s models here.
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