May - 2017

Enter the World of 3D Printing


profile picTechnology is a fast pace industry that changes every day. However, when you have the opportunity to be a part of the journey, it allows you to broaden your horizon to unlimited possibilities. Sachin Patel, a product specialist at MakerBot, says that “the great thing about 3D printing is the ability to quickly iterate and develop my designs. Developing designs in CAD can only give you so much information and feedback, but being able to hold your design in your hands within the space of a few hours, completely changes the way I work as a designer.” One of his favorite designs he has created is the CUBE Stackable Organizer. “I’ve always enjoyed a good storage system and I like the ability to customize and adapt something to suit your own needs,” Patel said.


cube-01-01  img_0020

If you need a way to organize your things, this is a great model for you because you can print as many as you want. It doesn’t take up much space, allowing you to store “anything from desk stationary to workshop bits,” Patel explained. “The CUBE drawers have a notched section for labels and recessed handles for easy access. You can even interlock and stack them together…so you can keep increasing or changing the storage solution to suit your needs.”


Although he never had the opportunity to work with 3D printers, as children do nowadays, “MakerBot and Desktop printing allows students to explore 3D printing in education. It’s much more affordable and accessible for kids. This puts them in a great position for higher education and careers in STEM,” Patel says. If you’re wondering what kind of job you should go into, why not enter into the world of 3D printing. I’m sure that many 3Ders would agree that if they had a chance when they were kids to understand how to use a 3D printer, they’d learn how to use it in a heartbeat. Let 3D printing broaden your horizon and open the door to new ideas. Check out Sachin Patel’s designs here.


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