About the Design

2/17/17: Check out my Esty Store http://etsy.com/shop/MrFidgetByMark
2/17/17: Finger Pad V2 Twisted Pins Added
2/16/17: Free contest to Win these Fidget Spinners https://youtu.be/kn49MOOfuHg

12/15/2016: By request 2D drawings have been added
11/112015 Version 2 released : Smoother edges
10/20/2016 Added a ready to print stl with all 3 parts.

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Video :https://youtu.be/NOGPQmb8KG8

All tolerances are exact and ball bearings need to be press fit in with a vise or equivalent device. If plastic cracks, increase stl model by 1-2 percent and print again. Standard 608ZZ Shielded 8x22x7 Miniature Ball Bearings used in this model. The center Bearing can be switched for a 608ZZ/C Ceramic Ball Bearing for increase spin time.

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