About the Design

From the book LEO the Maker Prince:
LEO’s robot friend Mark-5 worked with Brendan, an inventor, to make the NewsDog prototype.


The newsdog_BOTTOM file forms the base, with an internal shelf to hold a thermal printer unit. It should be printed in white.

The newsdog_TOP file forms the main body, and fits snugly over the base. It should be printed in white.

The newsdog_ears_nose_tail file includes parts that snap into the main body to form the figure’s ears, nose and tail. It’s best printed in a color that contrasts the base and mail body, such as black.

The thermal ink printer that’s inside the NewsDog can be found in the Adafruit catalog. Here’s a kit that includes the printer, its power cord, and a roll of receipt paper: http://www.adafruit.com/products/600

To get it connected to the Internet, check out this tutorial: http://learn.adafruit.com/internet-of-things-printer/introduction

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