About the Design

Magic candle for a little gnome.
3D printed Magic Candle is powered by a magnetic generator.

The body of the lamp, I printed wooden filament.
I printed the roof lamps from different parts and used glue and 3d pen for combining parts. I did the whole roof of the file, and you can use it.

The body of the candle is printed white ABS.
Inside the candle is an inductor with a magnet and three diode bridges.
The output bridges are connected to the white LED.

The lamp will shine if you carry or shake the lamp. I made this model for my little grandson to kindergarten at the Christmas party.


Magnets – https://goo.gl/ao0aAd , https://goo.gl/a7kbvP
Diodes – http://www.nxp.com/documents/data_sheet/PMEG2010AEB.pdf
LED – http://www.foryard-led.ru/led-fyl-5014uwc1c.html

Happy Holidays!

Printer: Prusa i3
Infill: 0.15

I drew a candle in the Fusion 360.

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