About the Design

This STL file of is split into two hemispheres suitable for printing and assembly into a model of the asteroid Itokawa Itokawa has a length of approximately 500 meters. Printed at it’s default size (5cm long) this model is at an approximate scale of 10,000 to one ( 1 cm = 100 m ) Data Credit : Gaskell, R., Saito, J., Ishiguro, M., Kubota, T., Hashimoto, T., Hirata, N., Abe, S., Barnouin-Jha, O., and Scheeres, D., Gaskell Itokawa Shape Model V1.0. HAY-A-AMICA-5-ITOKAWASHAPE-V1.0. NASA Planetary Data System, 2008

Files and images courtesy of NASA.

Author/Origin: Doug Ellison / NASA-JPL
Relevant Mission: Hayabusa
Date Added to NASA Website: June 26, 2014
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