About the Design

This is a full sized trumpet. It had been printed several times so far with success, you can see some of those prints on this page. The dimensions are modeled matching my 50+ years old Selmer which sounds very good. Includes a monette style mouthpiece. Also can be used with a standard trumpet mouthpiece. Valves work and valve routes are modeled realistically This should produce sounds. All valve slides move in addition to bellbow and main tuning slide to tune the instrument in case it is out of tune. Modeling time 4 days. Comments are welcome.
I’ve printed the mouthpiece part to test. This is the first trial with the unsanded rough piece, right out of 3d printer.
see it being played by a non trumpet player, not bad


-> The 1st, 2nd and 3rd valve slides are modeled with sleeve pipes. The pipes can either be printed (can be problematic due their wall thickness is 0.5mm) or used as plastic-brass pipes cut to the same dimensions. Using pipes with a stronger material can enable them slide more easily.
-> There should be metal springs below the valves strong enough to push them up when depressed.
-> There should be 5mm thick felts made up of rubbery material, at the tops of all three valves.

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