About the Design

Mesh structure that provides a bed for the plant starter and protects the plant roots from damage caused by grow media. Version 1 is perfect when using plant starter and grow cubes like Grodan’s starter plugs. Fits 2-L bottles.

3Dponics is an open-source initiative, so feel free to download the source files and refine the designs. Share your tweaks and improvements with the Spyder 3D World community and collaborate with other members.



Spyder 3D World Mods – The support frame in the center of the design is more robust. The thin bars in the center of the original design were not ideal for 3D printing. Thicker bars yield more consistent results and are less likely to result in a failed print.

Tech Specs


  • Filament: Abs
  • Print temp: 230-235
  • Bed temp: 95
  • Nozzle: .4
  • Later height: .2
  • Speed for infill: 40mm/s
  • Speed for perimeter: 40mm/s
  • speed for outside perimeter: 35mm/s
  • Travel speed: 60mm/s
  • First layer speed: 12mm/s
  • Flow rate: 100%
  • Infill: 100%


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