About the Design

This is an enclosure for a GRBL cnc controller keyboard I specifically designed for my homemade CNC machine. If you plug this into a computer running bCNC, it appears as a ‘standard’ keyboard but its not. To move each axis on your machine (two buttons for each axis) you push the according buttons (Z-Axis on the right side).
There is also a rotary encoder and a OLED display to set the step distance for each push of a button. So if you push the X+ button, it sends multiple keystrokes to the computer (bCNC) initiating the grbl controller to move the set amount of mm on the x-axis.

Because I sometimes accidently pushed one of the buttons when working on the CNC, I added a enable button (red little button) at the top. So I have to push the red button and one of the other buttons to actually move a axis…

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