About the Design

From the book LEO the Maker Prince:
Carla had wanted to become an artist when she grew up. She became an accountant instead. Then Carla’s calm life of numbers and “sense” was upended. She met LEO, the Maker Prince. And through LEO’s magic, 3D printing, Carla finally became the artist she’d long ago wished to be.


Note – these files were updated on 2/7/15 to make them easier to print!

  1. Print the black parts “digital_carla_blackParts…” (hair and shoes, eyes and eyeglasses) using black or a dark filament.
  2. Print the white parts “digital_carla_whiteParts…” using white or a light filament. (The latest version of this file has been printed successfully on a Makerbot with no supports.)
  3. Print the dress “digital_carla_dress…” using a color. (In the book illustrations, Carla’s dress is orange! But you can add it to the black parts if you want to stick to 2 colors.)
  4. Plug the shoes into the legs.
  5. Plug the legs and shoes into the dress.
  6. Plug the head and arms into the dress.
  7. Plug the hair into the head and the eyes into the eye sockets.
  8. Carefully place the eyeglasses onto the head. Look for small slots in the hair where the glasses can rest.

NOTE: All the parts except for the hair should be able to be printed with no supports.

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