About the Design

From the book LEO the Maker Prince:
LEO said, “Draw me a sheep”, and Carla did. The next thing you know, his nozzles heated up and his spools started spinning, and this is the sheep that emerged on this tray.


  1. Print the sheepWHITE file (sparse fill is OK).
  2. Print the sheepBLACK file. (The upright version is newest and may print well without support.)
  3. Clean support off of all files and insert the black parts into the white part. There is a nose, ears, and four legs.
  4. Note that the legs should bend towards the inside of the body.

Here’s a tip from Jen Adams at MakerBot: if you put the legs in most of the way (remember, they should curve inwards) and then put the sheep on a table surface and press gently down on the body, you can get the legs to snap in and fit snugly.

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